Sunday, March 20, 2011


First and foremost, I hope you all tak kisah I mix Bahasa and English. If I can converse in other languages such as Tamil or Cantonese or Kadazan, I would have mixed them all too! We’re in a country yang berbilang kaum. I want to reach out to all and “touch” each one of you through my blogging (InsyaAllah) I hope! (:

What brought me here? What triggered me to start blogging – again?

I’m currently working on a couple of community projects. I feel like I’m destined to do this – if all turn out as planned lah (Amiiin). God did not put me through hard times for nothing. Nothing happens for nothing. Kenapa orang-orang yang datang pada I selalunya in difficulties, having complications in their lives and yang bestnya, they feel comfortable sharing their inner thoughts or even their personal problems with me? I don’t always have the solution for them. What I do is listen and when it’s my turn to say something, I akan selalunya slowly inject my experience, my journey, my emotions…. And they’ll be like, “OMG! Yours lagi teruk!” or “I feel better about myself after listening to yours” . The thing with me is that, I don’t mind making a total fool out of myself to make others feel good about themselves. I’m also good at playing stupid at certain situation to make others feel big, BUT I observe. I always do. I can be too honest and yes, at my age, I can sometimes still be na├»ve, thinking that orang lain pun macam I bila kita start sharing our thoughts. Padahal, depa ada udang di sebalik mee. Kat depan macam prihatin, but kat belakang depa dah sampai-sampaikan kat orang. Dalam hal-hal macamni, bila dah sampai ke pihak ketiga, keempat and seterusnya, cerita dah jadi macam Hikayat Merong Maha Gangsa; 'Wangsa' dah jadi 'Gangsa'. The soul and the origin of the story dah hilang, dah jadi cerita lain. Ooooh... I've learnt! And I bet ramai dah pernah go through this. So, be careful with what you want to say, whom you want to share your story with and THINK! Fikir dulu sebelum convey apa-apa. Well, exactly what I'm doing now. Screening my post from top to bottom more than 20 times before publishing it.

You will eventually see what the community campaign is all about when it’s out (Amiin). But for now, just sit back and enjoy reading as I blog about things in the past, present and future as a girl, a woman, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a nenek, a cousin, a niece, a cucu, a friend, a musician and a stranger.

*besaq = besar/big ( in Kedah dialect)

*depa = diorang/mereka/they/them (in Kedah dialect)



  1. wa.... lm tdk bc ur blog, kinda miss it :) i was ur follower (emancifation of fifi) dulu... will follow urs ni :)

  2. hye farah
    we are strangers... okey tak lawak.

    betul kadang2 kita terlalu mudah percaya kat orang. nak nak masa tgh down. harap2 org yang kita jumpa boleh pinjamkan bahu, last2 buat kita lagi tunggang langgang ada la.

  3. It is true what you say that we must be SUPER DUPER GALOOPER EXTRA careful with what you want to write/say. But, it is difficult sometimes coz when I am trying to be humourous or just relaying out a thought without any intentions to be offensive or that sort, ppl think of what I've written as something serious, something nasty or something "you should be careful with that". It is tough pleasing our audience but it doesn't hurt to screen your posts 40 gazillion times too eh..:)..